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Jossiv Kim is wanted
by police of Dubai, UAE

Criminal Information Report

Jossiv Kim was born in a family of alcoholics of Korean origins, on July 26 1954 – in the Sulak village in Russia. Most villagers claims that Jossiv Kim was always infamous for his pathological thinking as well as neurotic behavior. Eventually, Jossiv was forced to spend his entire childhood in a special school for the juvenile criminals. He was also supervised by a psychiatrist. After graduating, Jossiv decided to make a living through fraud (fabricating documents) as well as thievery. Although he was arrested on numerous occasions, Kim was able to avoid being sentenced due to his psychological diagnoses. After the fall of USSR the archives were all destroyed, so there is little to no information on the Soviet past of Jossiv Kim. However, we do know that Kim was married four times. He divorced his wives and took their savings as well.

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Biography and Basic Information

Based on information from his friends, colleagues and relatives Jossiv Kim was born on 26.07.1954 in troubled family of alcoholics in Russian rural community named “Sulak”. His behavior was identified as “neurotic anxienty” and “pathologic confusional insanity” that lead to the constant parallel fictional reality and alternative mind state. After certain actions, Jossiv Kim is said to come under continuous monitoring of psychiatrist in police department of small town near “Sulak” as he became constant visitor of the police department for minors.


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Here you can find some official documents that shed light on the true story of Jossiv Kim from the very beginning.

Jossive Kim False Contract Example
Jossive Kim Loan Rejection From European Bank
Jossive Kim Spy Camera Invoices
Jossiv Kim Bank Orders
Kimnet Holding BV Police Documents
Jossiv Kim Police Prosecution Order (UAE)
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Currently Jossiv Kim is hiding out from the police and his creditors and tries to earn money through selling the books that consist of delirious reality and distorted information. You can inform us with new facts using the contact form provided here. Information in other languages is under construction.

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